The little things

Last year my littles lived with their father in a city two hours from me. It was only an interim for the one year so that they¬†could bond with their new baby sister. It was one of the hardest years of my life, even though I did still see them a lot. I realized that it’s the day to day childcare that I love doing the most with my kids. I love the activities, the morning cuddles, the evening stories, and picking them up after school. The weekly routine is where I feel happiest, and last year taught me a thing or two about appreciation.

Every morning I either walk my kids to school, ride a bike with them, or they ride their bikes on their own. We live really close to the school they attend, so we are able to walk, and they are able to come home for lunch if they like. In the afternoon, I’ll often bring the dayhome babies with me to pick the kids up, and we are always greeted with big Aisha and Ashton hugs. I love that.

The other day I made lasagna roll ups for the kids (recipe here), and I must say, they were a roaring success! All the littles, and the dayhome babies, gobbled them up and asked for more. I like being able to provide this for my kids. I like that they can book it home on their bikes and have a homemade meal that
was made with love. And it motivates me to find some easy, healthy, fun lunches to make.

It’s all the little things that are taken for granted, or even resented, that I love the most.

Next up: Totoro Bento Box… not really.