I got Stamina

Considering who I am (queer, poly, “single” mother, defender of equality, feminist, badass), I feel like I am constantly talking to my kids about all the touchy topics, and also modelling what we talk about in daily life. It is not enough to live a queer life, I still need to talk to my kids about why it’s okay (more than okay actually), and what they should say to bullies and how to stand up for their friends. I do need to talk to my kids about transgender issues, because even though that is not specifically our life, I will proudly wear an #illgowithyou button and thus need to explain my beliefs. I will talk to my kids about the Orlando shooting, because they need to know that people who are just like me are being gunned down for being just like me. That is NOT okay, and the next generation needs to start off better than mine did. I believe that starts with me, in my house, and with my children. I will talk to them, and then one day they will talk to their friends, or their kids, or maybe to a community, and kick hate right in its ugly face. Because they can.

We talked about the new music video by Sia, titled The Greatest. My kids have been dancing to the song for a while now, but they didn’t understand how I knew the song was dedicated to the victims of the Pulse Orlando shooting. That was an opportunity to talk a little bit, watch a music video, and feel some feels. I like to think that showing them the video, talking about music as a method of emotional expression and support, was a success, even if ten minutes later they were fighting and yelling at each other.

What have you talked to your kids about recently?