Meditation for Kids

Something I am trying to implement with the kids is mediation and mindfulness, specifically with Aisha. I’d like to do it with all the kids, but it seems like Aisha might need it a little more currently. So at bedtime I turn on our meditation app, and we have a little down time together.


The program I’m using is called Smiling Mind, and it’s available for your computer or as an app. It’s a not for profit company from Australia, so the guy leading the meditation has a cute accent, which is always nice. They have various programs for different age groups, such as 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16-18, and adult programs. They also have meditations for those age groups, but in a classroom setting, along with specific meditations for sport and the workplace. The programs cover such a wide range, and the best part… it’s free!! our-programs
We have been using the app for a few weeks now, taking a break here and there when we stay up too late or simply forget. Aisha really likes it, and she looks forward to our time meditating. So far we have done various sessions on breath work and visualizations, along with meditations on empathy, self awareness and identifying feelings.

Before each session you can log how you are feeling, rating happiness, contentment and alertness on a scale.
After the session you log your feelings again, and the app created a nice little chart for you to look at, learn-for-lifeincluding every time you’ve logged feelings. That part is optional though, so if your tiny doesn’t want divulge their feelings, it’s okay.


“Smiling Mind meditation brings balance to young lives. Our programs are designed to support children at each stage of their development, from younger children becoming more independent to older children learning to take on leadership roles, transition to high school, make new friends and plan for the future.” – Smiling Mind


I’ll likely write another progress post in a month or so, when we’re able to look at how Aisha felt prior to starting any mindfulness and meditation at all. She is optimistic, which is nice to see, and I like watching her practice something with an open mind and a willingness to try.