Giving thanks

It was Thanksgiving this past weekend here in Canada. We decided to host the family for thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, where we had sixteen people in total. My parents, Lindsay’s parents, Justan’s mom, and my cousin with her two kids. Five homemade pumpkin pies, four bottles of wine, and one twenty pound turkey, fed all of our family and left us with leftovers for weeks. We call this the “leftover season.”

Last year we hosted dinner, but Justan’s mom did not make it. So this was the first year that we had all the parents under one roof at the same time. There were no tears, no arguing, and no belly left unfilled. There was laughter, conversation, and smiles all around. This is the sort of thing I love. I sat at the head of the table and just observed everyone, and felt so grateful for the family I have. I am eternally grateful for our unique, weird, different, large, awesome family.

If you’re in Canada and you were celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoyed your day and I hope you were fed well. Happy Thanksgiving. Or as we like to say, “Happy traditional gender roles day!”