We live a pretty busy lifestyle, with the sheer volume of us in the house. All the kids have their own activities and all the adults have work and other activities as well. My activities have been put on the back burner for now while the kids’ activities take precedence. But what I do enjoy, is finding ways to be active with the kids. I find that there is so much pressure for our children to be overbooked in organized sport and activity, leaving little room for random happenings of activity or neighbourhood games.

The glorification of busy is a real thing, and although I have tried to avoid being too busy, it seems we are right in the thick of it. Even if the kids have just one sport each, it’s busy. There’s five of them! I try to make opportunity for unorganized spontaneous activity wherever possible.

The kids showing me a “shortcut.”

For instance, the kids and I rode our bikes to their school this morning. And in the evening, Lindsay took the girls on a trail run while Ashton was a football. The more opportunity we have to be active WITH our children, the better. I find that not only does it keep them active, it keeps them happy and secure in our relationship with them. Transporting kids to and from sports does not have that same effect. The organized sport is good for team work, structure, and honing in on a specific skill set. I am also a proponent for sport, but there needs to be balance.


Lindsay loves running. She’s not in any organized sport, but her activities are running and yoga. I love yoga too, and not so much the running. Years of roller derby has left my knees pretty awful, and they can’t take too much running. The kids however, have found a new love of trail running! So this is the activity that Lindsay can use to bond with the kids, and they have so much fun doing it.

I am thankful for these moments of activity that we get to share with the kids. All our stress lessens and we all just enjoy each other’s company… along with the activity of course.