Secret Castle

Easter was this past weekend (shoot… it took me too long to post this and now that sentence is inaccurate). I wasn’t technically supposed to have any kids, but my older two’s dad was out of town working, so I made plans to hang with them. I like to have all my kids for the holidays, so I’ve coordinated with both my exes to ensure that is how it works and that all of our schedules line up accordingly. This year was a little different, and even though I expected to have no one for Easter, I ended up hanging with all four of my kids! I decided to take the teens out to Castle Mountain, where the littles would be, and we spent the day on the hill.

Ashton and Aisha’s grandparents were pivotal in the development of Castle mountain/Westcastle, and they have been locals ever since I don’t even know when. The littles are there all the time and it’s essentially their second home. 

This trip was not met without resistance. Faith made sure I knew the grave injustice that was being forced upon her, as to spend 24 hours without her friends (even if it is Easter) is just too much. Snowboarding is awful, family sucks, and is there wifi? Dakota also wanted to bring a friend, but eventually understood where I was coming from in my request for it to just be the family.

We drove out on Saturday afternoon and spent the night at the hotel on the hill. We went to the T-Bar (the pub on the hill) and I reminisced with the teens about what it was like when I worked there 20 years ago while we inhaled our nachos and wings. It’s a unique pub, littered with memorabilia from the past several decades, filled with old and young all laughing, and home to the roots of table traverse. I could sit in there for hours just people watching. I love sharing that with my teens, and Dakota has already expressed an interest to work there next year.

I let my kids lead the way when we were riding on Sunday, which is always a little risky. Ashton likes to show Dakota how good he is, so generally picks some of the harder runs. My favourite run at Castle is commonly known as “The Dump,” although they formally changed the name to “Dusk” about 20 years ago. We still call it The Dump, just like we still call Castle, “Westcastle.” Ashton also took us to one of his favourite chutes, “Shotgun.” In all honestly, I had avoided the chutes forever because they’re always black diamond and a little steep for my liking, but I LOVED it. They’re essentially like a natural half pipe (also like The Dump), and that is definitely my jam. So I was pleasantly surprised and happy that Ashton took us there. Also, a little disappointed in myself that I had avoided them for so long. Damn.

Castle is known as The Secret Castle in a mini doc made in 2006. The mini doc was screened all across the globe as a precursor to Warren Miller’s “Off the Grid.” You should watch it, then you can see the origins of table traverse (I brought this game to the derby community) and get a small feel of what it’s like there. They say that if you can ski castle, you can ski anywhere, and I have to agree.


I am thankful for weekends like this, where we can all hang out and experience some joy/adventure. It’s not often, because the teens don’t generally wanna hang with me, so when it happens I basically celebrate.

** at night we like to do Biore nose strips and face masks, it’s become a tradition.

F*ck Chem

I’m registered in a chemistry class as part of a requirement for the local midwifery program. Well, approximately 1 month ago I found out that my 3.925 competitive GPA was not high enough for an interview, and I would definitely not be offered a spot for Fall 2018. But here I am in this chem class.

It. is. killing. me.

Today, I decided to just say “fuck it.” Fuck chem, fuck the stress it is causing me, and fuck all the kids in my class who are my actual kid’s age who do nothing but talk about how hung over they are and how mad their parents are at them. Where am I and why am I trapped in this room with all these kids? Riiiight, I’m in Chem 30 because I was once one of those kids who did not give a shit and didn’t give chem a second thought back when I could have. Did I sound as ridiculous as they do? I hope not.

Fuck. Chem.

I didn’t get in to midwifery school, this year. I will get in next year…or I better. That means I have exactly 15 months before I actually need to have this chem class completed. If I don’t pass (trying not to say fail here) this time, then I don’t pass. I will take it again. In fact, I should probably take the prerequisite to this chemistry class anyways, then maybe I wouldn’t struggle so hard. Whoever said that you could return to a high school science class 20 years after graduating, even if you don’t have the prerequisite, is a dirty liar. Oh wait, no one says that. I have a B.A. dammit, I took several Neuroscience classes! Why is this so hard?!

I’m going to breathe, switch gears, and do something other than chem (like write this here blog about chem!).



*this is literally the only chemistry I care about right now, can you guess what it is?

Yes, I am still here

It has been so long since I’ve updated the blog, that I almost don’t even know where to start. I have plans of the things I should write, I do up half a draft, and then let it collect virtual dust in the “neglected posts” section. I’d like to break that cycle. So here is a little post just to let you know we’re still alive… sometimes barely, but alive nonetheless.

There’s no way I can catch you up on everything, so here is the most brief update ever. We had a pretty rad summer, including a week at Family Camp, another week out at the family cottage on Winnipeg Lake, and exactly zero family camping trips. Lindsay and I did do our first ever back country camping trip though, which resulted in us getting lost in the mountains for five hours, nearly giving up on life, and then finding our way to camp after an additional 3 hours of hiking. So that was fun. Here are some valuable lessons I learned:

  1. Bring beer. The weight may be difficult, but the beer will be worth it. You can probably adjust the allowable weight by taking out some food (we brought WAY too much).
  2. Water filters are the best invention ever. We literally survived because of that water filter.
  3. Tang and Everclear is a pretty good drink. If you can’t bring the booze you like, at least bring an alcohol with extremely high alcohol percentage. Everclear is ridiculous, but is okay when diluted properly in your powdered juice of choice.
  4. NUUN electrolyte drink in tablets is essential.

The fall came fast and all the kids are back at school. My teens are not really going though, so there’s that. I am still struggling with the teens, more than I ever thought possible. I am afraid for their futures and I just wish they’d care a little bit. I have spent so much time at the courthouse, and I am getting resentful.

The three littles are back in to derby, and I’m coaching, so that’s rad. Ashton couldn’t play football this year because the games are on Saturdays and his dad couldn’t make that happen (he lives 2 hours away). I’m super sad about that, but we’ll see if we can get him back in it next year.

Halloween was awesome as per usual, and we’re still in the Samhain spirit around here. I’m dreading taking down the decorations and then setting up for Christmas.

Okay, that’s all the update I can stomach at this time. I hope to be a little more diligent with my posting going forward.