The in-laws and feeling at home

We went to Lindsay’s parents’ place this past weekend. They live on the ranch that Lindsay grew up on, in a beautiful rustic log cabin adorned with oil lamps and family photos. Over the past few years we’ve made several treks two hours from home to pay visit to the in-laws (aka Papa and Grandma), and I must say, they are currently winning the in-laws contest. Okay, there isn’t a contest, but if there were, they’d be winning. Don’t get my wrong, my parents are great, they really are, but I’ll save that for another post.

I know in the beginning of our relationship, Lindsay’s parents were a bit weirded out (fair enough), but they were always respectful and never felt the need to voice their opinions on our relationship (at least not more than once). They always treated the children with kindness and made the best of any visit. Regardless of what they may have been thinking about our relationship, they welcomed us all with open arms. You know why? Because they love Lindsay, and they are not willing to lose their daughter over who she loves. And I love that.

So this past weekend just us adults and Neko went to the ranch (the other kids were with their dads), and it was a much needed break. We stayed up late visiting, we spent hours hiking around the ranch, and we slept in a little bit. Sleeping in was not so easy, as I’m sure you can imagine three adults in a double bed is not the most conducive with comfy sleep. But the best part was that we were not met with judging eyes when we emerged from the bedroom in the morning. We were met with offers of coffee, homemade cinnamon buns, and conversation. They enjoyed our company!! All of ours!

At the end of the weekend as we were leaving, the in-laws gave us all hugs goodbye. They gave ME a hug goodbye. They expressed care and love for ME. You have no idea how happy that makes me, and how “at home” I feel at my *in-laws house.


*disclaimer – no, they are not actual in-laws. I am not legally married to either Lindsay or Justan… but calling them in-laws is just easy.