I’d like to introduce myself and my wonderfully peculiar family. My name is Andi, I am a thirty something year old mom to four bio children. I have two partners, Lindsay and Justan, who are married to each other and have one child together. All together there are eight of us in the house.


I guess you could say I’m a queer feminist who loves family, music, art, various sports, and education. Although considered pretty hippie dippy to some, I am really only slightly crunchy. Okay, so I do encapsulate placentas and I have had two out of hospital waterbirths, but I still brush my teeth with Colgate and I do drive a gas powered vehicle… a Durango at that. I have a B.A. in Social Sciences (Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology) which I currently do not use, and I am a Full-spectrum doula, although I’m currently on a break. I retired from competitive roller derby last year, and spend my days running a dayhome, taking our gaggle of children to their activities, and finding ways to better ourselves and our family. I love our peculiar family, and I hope that this blog will help others see that “normal” is just a perception, and our “normal” is wonderful.

My partner Lindsay is a fantabulous writer, spending much of her time writing a novel on triads and freelancing. She helps me in the dayhome, and is basically my rock. She home schools her daughter Neko and is generally the most empathetic person you will ever meet. She is super artsy and I like to bug her by calling her a hipster, which she’s not really, but I’ll still tell her she is. She loves running and is the most amazing cook ever. Yes, I said that. We will challenge you to a cook off any day.

My other partner Justan is hilarious, but only if you get his jokes, which admittedly not everyone does. He has a unique sense of humour that we usually appreciate. Justan is a location sound recordist in the film industry, and his work is incredibly unpredictable. He is very talented at what he does, and a couple years ago he toured around with The Smalls to record for their documentary “Forever is a long time.” Lindsay and I made it in the credits for that doc, we were kinda excited. Justan also loves gaming and is a kid favourite. All the kids hang off him like he’s got some sort of kid cat nip in his pocket, it is a little redonkulous.


Our kids are Aisha (8), Ashton (10), Neko (10), Faith (14), and Dakota (16). Aisha and Neko play roller derby together (I coach them), Ashton and Dakota play football, Faith is in soccer, and Aisha also has taken up Brownies. We are a hella active family and value creativity, sport, and authenticity. All of my children have gone through Montessori schooling, and Neko has been homeschooled her entire life. We are hoping to homeschool Aisha as well, but that story is for another blog post.

Overall, with the number of people in our household, plus a revolving door of teens who come to hang out, we function pretty well. We have regular family arguments, but the kids all love each other, and we still finish each night with stories, hugs, and “I love yous.”