F*ck Chem

I’m registered in a chemistry class as part of a requirement for the local midwifery program. Well, approximately 1 month ago I found out that my 3.925 competitive GPA was not high enough for an interview, and I would definitely not be offered a spot for Fall 2018. But here I am in this chem class.

It. is. killing. me.

Today, I decided to just say “fuck it.” Fuck chem, fuck the stress it is causing me, and fuck all the kids in my class who are my actual kid’s age who do nothing but talk about how hung over they are and how mad their parents are at them. Where am I and why am I trapped in this room with all these kids? Riiiight, I’m in Chem 30 because I was once one of those kids who did not give a shit and didn’t give chem a second thought back when I could have. Did I sound as ridiculous as they do? I hope not.

Fuck. Chem.

I didn’t get in to midwifery school, this year. I will get in next year…or I better. That means I have exactly 15 months before I actually need to have this chem class completed. If I don’t pass (trying not to say fail here) this time, then I don’t pass. I will take it again. In fact, I should probably take the prerequisite to this chemistry class anyways, then maybe I wouldn’t struggle so hard. Whoever said that you could return to a high school science class 20 years after graduating, even if you don’t have the prerequisite, is a dirty liar. Oh wait, no one says that. I have a B.A. dammit, I took several Neuroscience classes! Why is this so hard?!

I’m going to breathe, switch gears, and do something other than chem (like write this here blog about chem!).



*this is literally the only chemistry I care about right now, can you guess what it is?

2 thoughts on “F*ck Chem

    • Andi

      Definitely a chem tutor. I actually have one now, but I think I need to take a step back and start from the beginning. I kinda jumped to the end in taking this class, which is never a good plan.

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