Sometimes Often

I’m going to go ahead and share a grammar tip with y’all. I have no doubt in my mind that you all know better, but I was subjected to a sentence recently containing this, and my brain almost exploded.  SOMETIMES OFTEN… as in, together. The two words together. I’ll give you an example sentence. “The Prime Minister sometimes often makes decisions based on his personal views of the world,” or maybe, “I sometimes often go to the salon for a hair cut.” Well, which one is it?!! We’ll never know… it’s either “sometimes” or “often,” or maybe “sometimes often?”


I’m not even going to explain why you shouldn’t use those two words together as I’m sure it’s obvious, and I’m sure the sentence I was subjected to was a special case. That said, I do encourage you to use the words verbally every so often, just for a good laugh of course. Nothing more wishy-washy than “sometimes often.” Even more importantly, I highly encourage you to proof read and edit your writing so something like “sometimes often” doesn’t happen, as it’ll make you look very foolish… especially if it’s a legal document. *ouch


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