On children and grammar

Your children will speak the way you speak. If you want your children to use good grammar, than you need to use good grammar. However, when there are a variety of influences in your children’s lives (such as ours), it is not always that easy. I certainly cannot control how all the influential adults speak around my children, nor do I have any desire to. I can however control the way I speak, and make an effort to correct my littles without nagging them.

So here is my current pet peeve regarding the children’s grammar usage.

SEEN… As in, “I seen a spider the size of my head,” or “I seen that guy turn in to a zombie.” I know a lot of adults that use “seen” like this, and while I really don’t care one way or another when it comes to them, I really want my kidlets to know the difference between “seen” and “saw.” Lindsay is a writer and has a journalism degree… the amount of “seen” that goes on in our house is going to give her a hernia.

Every time I hear someone say “I seen” when they should have said “I saw”, this is what I picture:


No, I don’t think that when children say it, but I do with adults…. mostly joking.


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